The Difference Between Indian and Russian Dating Sites

Although the goal for both is the same, Indian and Russian dating sites are very different. After taking the time to browse and explore what these sites offer, you will notice quite a few things. Let’s go over the differences between Indian and Russian dating sites so you know what to expect from both. The following will ultimately help you make a dating niche related choice and get your foreign love life up and running.

Discretion and Safety

Safety is a huge difference between Indian and Russian dating sites. Both put the privacy and safety of their users first but Indian dating sites tend to go above and beyond to offer an extra level of discretion. In addition to keeping fake profiles at bay and protecting sensitive information, many have features like ID authentication, manual profile verification, and take spam precautions. On top of that, most Indian dating sites have an extensive registration process to keep the community genuine.


Another difference is the detail included in user profiles. The reason for this variation is the level of seriousness put on finding a partner in Indian dating culture. Online Russian dating, although traditional, is more relaxed because the dating culture is evolving. The women are adapting more modern dating practices which is reflected in many of the dating websites. Although detailed, the focus of that detail are the basics like marital status and physical appearance thus providing a descriptive overview of potential partners. Look at Indian dating websites and you’ll notice how thorough the profiles are. In addition to the basics mentioned, there’s a lot of emphasis on education, and oftentimes family. Although this goes beyond an overview, the amount of detail is beneficial since it aids in decision making and the task of making conversation. The more info available increases the chance of having commonalities to discuss during that first interaction.

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Profile Photos

The types of profile photos posted is also a major difference between Indian and Russian dating sites. Women on Russian sites like to show more skin. They are comfortable with their sexuality and that is apparent on Russian websites. Most have sexy tousled hair, a full yet natural face of makeup, and form fitting clothing that clearly exudes the sensuality they’re known for. The women on Indian dating sites are the opposite. They are put together, well dressed and lovely but their profile photos are modest. They focus more on natural beauty and are either dressed in traditional saris or appropriate office/casual attire. 

Progress Moves Slowly

Whereas things tend to move quickly and go the romantic route at a steady pace on Russian dating sites, Indian dating sites are slower, more careful and cautious. A Russian woman loves when a man showers her with sweet messages and they like to flirt but this approach sets off creep alarms with Indian women. Instead, they prefer space. Having a few regular chats with a man to feel things out is ideal for building the connection. Chats with a romantic interest remain very formal for a while making gauging attraction difficult. Therefore, the best advice you’ll hear is, if she’s talking to you, she’s interested. Be patient because conversation will eventually take a flirty tone. If an Indian woman is really what you want, the wait is worth it. Most find that taking time to get to know one another helps get the romance off to a healthy start. 

More Career Women

After browsing around some Indian dating sites you’ll notice that a large portion of the women are well educated and have impressive professions. Indian women are quite intelligent and many flock to these dating sites because, in India, well educated women are less likely to marry than uneducated ones. Men tend to choose younger brides who are less educated than themselves leaving the smart (and beautiful) ones available which is great for you. The reason for this is that many traditional Indian men are looking for a housewife instead of an equal. Although Russian women are also known for being well educated and active in the workforce, the selection is not as impressive on Russian dating sites in terms of profession. 
Based on the information above, what niche are you leaning towards? Once you make a choice, just go for it and see where the path takes you.