Indian Women, Black Men Dating Advice: The Core Basics

Indian women, black men dating is a niche not often talked about. Interracial dating is certainly nothing new and is becoming more accepted in Indian society – especially among more modern individuals. People like who they like so let’s discuss how to make this matchup work. Is attraction and love enough? Sure, but knowing how to address the challenges and simple differences that may come up will improve every romantic connection made. Here’s some advice for making Indian women, black men dating easier. 

Engage in a Cultural Exchange

There’s a lot to learn about Black and Indian culture so a cultural exchange is in order. Not only do women from India like learning about other cultures but sharing knowledge about each other’s culture will promote a stronger connection. Culture is something we hold close no matter where we’re from and sharing that is special. That sharing allows another person to understand where you come from, how you were brought up, what’s important to you, your values and more. Fortunately for you and the woman you’re dating, there’s a lot to discuss. 

Learn Some of the Language

Indian women love when foreign men speak their language. Therefore, learn to say a few sentences in their native tongue. Many speak Hindi but there are several languages spoken across the country so ensure you learn the right one. If you met on a dating black site, this information is probably in her profile meaning you can surprise her. Learning her language is such a positive step because it shows consideration, acceptance, and respect for cultural differences which is crucial for couples with such different backgrounds.

Control Your Flirting Game

Indian women are traditional meaning you must always be on your best behavior. Flirting is fine and welcome with mutual attraction – just don’t get ahead of yourself. Indian women will make it clear if you ever cross the line. The reason this applies to the topic of Indian women, black men dating is that flirting is welcomed in the black community due to its fun and excitement. People flirt all the time and don’t think much about it. Indian women enjoy flirtation as well but they also have social expectations to uphold. 

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You Will Have to Meet Her Parents Eventually

Well, considering that the relationship is successful. This first meeting will be nerve-racking and awkward, to say the least, but just get through it. First, make sure you dress well. A dress shirt and slacks with nice shoes are perfect. Next, bring a gift. Rather than opting for something fancy, choose a practical one. Third, do not shake hands or hug upon meeting. Instead, smile and say hello to both. From then on, follow your girl’s lead. Also, refrain from talking too much, prepare yourself for what will probably be the spiciest meal you’ve ever had (it will likely be a vegetarian dish) and save the affection for later. Even more importantly, if you’re well educated with a thriving career in a professional field, go with that. Indian parents practically swoon over their daughters bringing home educated and successful men no matter what their ethnicity is. Impress them and you may get their stamp of approval.

Never Let Ignorance Stop You

Although the black community is often accepting of people from India, others view dating outside their community negatively and a portion of Indians are not accepting either. Friends, parents, and siblings may disapprove. Since getting along with everyone close to her is important and vice versa (especially when the relationship is getting serious) don’t let their negativity stop you. Rather than succumbing to it and possibly ruining the relationship in the process, take it as a challenge. Actions speak louder than words so show that the relationship is right. Continue to treat the woman you’re dating with respect, enjoy each other, make a consistent effort and things will change. Quite often, ignorance comes from fear and uncertainty. They are unsure about people from different backgrounds, worry about straying from tradition and therefore cope with that by being disrespectful. In addition to easing any tension present, the woman you’re dating will be VERY impressed by your efforts. When you display confidence about the relationship, she will feel confident too.