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But why men from different countries prefer international dating with Indian girls? These ladies know some secrets that really help them in life. They know how to behave in the bed, how to be the perfect wife in the bedroom, so that the idea of lover doesn’t even come to the bright head of her husband. And here are some of these secrets:
A good wife should not behave in bed, like a captive during the interrogation, but be moderately relaxed. This is your own little man! You shouldn’t be embarrassed, or scared.
A wife should not behave like an experienced female working in the Dutch sex industry. Have pity on your husband! The thought of your "combat" past, will bring him to a heart attack. The ideal answer to the question "How many men did you have before me?" Sounds like this: "It's absolutely not important. All the real things in my life began with your appearance! ". Combine the answer with a smile and innocently downcast eyes.
An "advanced" wife should be ready for experiments. And we are not talking about the application in practice of all the knowledge obtained from the "Kama Sutra" and "50 shades of gray", but don’t you want to diversify your usual sex with a couple of new positions?
A wife should not discuss an intimate life with anyone. An exception may be a doctor or a psychologist, whom you decided to share your problems with your husband's sex life.
If you want to win the heart of such great Indian wife, then you also must do your best. For example, in order to conquer a woman, fulfill her dream. Each of us has dreams: smaller, larger, there is even a couple of intimate. Remember how you rejoice and what inexpressible emotions you experience when one of your dreams is fulfilled? You are in euphoria! You are ready to embrace the whole world! And what feelings do you have for the person who helped you in realizing this dream - unlimited joy! The desire to repay him something good! Yes, you practically love and adore him/her!
The same thing works with women. If you fulfill her cherished dream, she will certainly fall into your arms at least as a token of gratitude. And gradually gratitude will grow into sincere affection and love. How to become a wizard in the modern world? The most difficult thing is to find out what the woman you are trying to conquer is dreaming about. If you are on friendly terms with her, then you can ask her when it’s a suitable occasion. If not, you'll have to learn in a roundabout way, for example, through social networks or from her close friends.