How to Write a Profile for Indian Dating Sites

Niche dating sites are different. Along with being honest, there is the task of appealing to women from another culture. The goal is accurately representing you while hitting the key points of attraction. Below are seven tips to teach you how to write a profile for Indian dating sites that attract top notch women.

Pick Some Good Pics

This doesn’t apply to how to write a profile for Indian dating sites but without a few impressive photos, no woman will take the time to read what you wrote. Indian women are attracted to men who seem to have themselves together. He must be well dressed, well-groomed and confident. In other words, they like men they can bring home to meet their parents if things work out. 

Create a Direct and Engaging Profile

Rather than using your profile description to share your life story, be direct and engaging to reel in the beautiful Indian women. First, share a few fun facts about yourself. You want these to be things interesting enough to spark attraction and encourage women to ask for further detail. Once you have a few things in mind, word it in a way that leaves the reader wanting more. Yet again, you want to encourage questions, spark a conversation. Also, whatever you choose to write, write in the same way you speak. Indian women like when a man sets himself apart from others by adding a personal touch. This approach breaks the ice and makes her more inclined to chat with you.

Mention That You’re a Good Listener

Indian women go crazy for men who show genuine interest in what they have to say. They like guys who can both carry an intelligent conversation and lend an ear. Of course, words are just that but you can use them to make yourself more appealing. Once a few women give you a chance, all you must do is follow through. And you know how we talked about making your profile engaging and personal? Consider adding a line that expresses your want to learn more about her. Although an indirect statement, it makes you sound like a kind, genuine guy. 

Show That You’re Responsible

This is a huge tip about how to write a profile for Indian dating sites. One quality every Indian woman wants in their future partner is responsibility but instead of stating that you’re responsible in your description, show it. The way to do that is casually sharing things that show you’re a responsible adult. This can be anything from maintaining a good job to taking care of your aging parents. Just tell the truth.

Nix the Desperation

Indian women HATE desperate men so if you think you’re going to go the adorably pathetic route and score dates, think again. Instead, use positive, confident language in your profile. This includes words like:
  • Thinker
  • Driven
  • Goal focused
  • Optimistic
  • Ambitious
  • Thoughtful 
  • Outgoing
  • Hardworking
  • Fit
  • Spontaneous
All the words above make you sound like a catch instead of someone willing to take whatever he can get. 

Write Like an Adult

Your typing style is a huge part of learning how to write a profile for Indian dating sites. If you write your profile like you text, don’t expect to get much account activity. Instead, write like an adult. This entails the use of proper spelling, punctuation and keep your use of emojis to a minimum if you use them at all. Indian women tend to judge and pay close attention to the minor details. Although judgmental, they don’t concern themselves with things like how much money a man makes. Instead they closely watch how he conducts himself to see if he appears to be a man with intelligence, sophistication and maturity. Something as simple as your typing style will provide much-needed insight.

Mention Family

Like several other cultures, family is big in Indian culture and the women are looking for men who also hold their loved ones near and dear. In fact, it’s a huge selling point that will make women flock to you. Actually, it produces results you will not believe.
Now it’s time to start writing your profile. Use the advice above, be yourself and type away! Dates will soon follow.