How to Meet Indian Women Online

Learning how to meet Indian women online is all about where and how. When it comes to online dating, there are numerous options but your choices are limited at the same time. Therefore, you must learn to make the most out of every interaction – especially when it comes to Indian women. They are a special bunch, to say the least, and many are also looking for that special someone on the web. Below we’ll cover three ways to meet Indian women online and how to approach each method the correct way.  

Dating Websites

This method is the obvious one. There are so many to choose from but it’s important to choose wisely. Indian women are out there looking to connect with men like you and those worth meeting are on trusted sites. To ensure that you register with a legitimate one, read online reviews, testimonials, and do some general research to find out how many users are on the site and how long the site has been around. 
Once you’ve selected the right one for you, put care into your profile. Upload a variety of photos, ensure that your profile is a positive representation of yourself, and leave them wanting more. Also, prepare to initiate. Indian women rarely message men since men do the pursuing in their dating culture. Send her a message that isn’t too forward to get the conversation flowing and if she replies, keep the conversation going. Avoid creating one message to send to the masses because women can tell. Instead, introduce yourself, express that you would like to get to know her better and personalize each message by mentioning something you read in her profile. The key to success is a series of small interactions to get to know each other and build her level of comfort along with showing genuine interest in her as a person. The most you might get as far as an Indian woman pursuing you online is a wink or flirt but even that’s rare unless she is a modern woman who has stepped away from tradition.


Facebook is and will always be an excellent, easy and convenient way to meet Indian women online. It has no limits, offers an endless number of candidates, and meetings are often casual and fun. Of course, time is required to search for potential dates but doing so is easy. Just filter your search results demographically or another idea is searching for women with common Indian names. After that, sort through your results, compile a list of those you find attractive, then take a deeper look to ensure that each profile appears to belong to a real person. Things to check for include:
  • Number of friends
    Steer clear of those with less than 50 friends.
  • Personal info
    Very few complete this info but most will provide something to work with.
  • Posts
    If she hasn’t posted in a while, remove her from your list. She probably doesn’t use the account anymore.
  • Pictures
    Real women will have at least an album of 10 pictures. Go through several to make sure she’s real and get a clear image of what she looks like. Angles and lighting can be deceiving. 
After the above, send friend requests to these women, follow accepted requests with a friendly message and then work on building these connections to convert them into dates. Start with common interest chatter, show that you’re a good listener and make your interest known when the time is right.

Join an Online Group

Very few overlook this option when in search of how to meet Indian women but this route is genius! What better way to meet women than through shared interests? As you know, shared interests have a special way of bringing people together mainly because it gives them something to talk about. Join a few groups, participate in online events, check for any Indian beauties and start paying a few some attention. Despite this method being a little hit or miss, it’s worth a try. This is especially so if you’re very knowledgeable about the focus of the group. Indian women find knowledgeable men attractive. To increase your chances, join larger online groups so there is more variety. Some even hold local meetups you may want to attend.
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